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Achieving more together

We are passionate about working with others. Whether it involves initiating a project ourselves or supporting someone else’s vision, Jacob’s Well takes an adaptable, flexible and responsive approach towards seeing projects launched which support the most vulnerable in our society.

Epiphany Project

Partnering together to enable vulnerable people to get their life back on track
We see how homeless, asylum seekers and trafficking survivors all find help in times of crisis through the work of the church and local charities often in hostel accommodation. But where do these people go when they no longer need the intensity of support? Where do they go next when they no longer want to live in an institutional context? They need somewhere to live, but they also need the extra support and life skills to make the step back into independent living. The Epiphany Project is about creating that stepping-stone.

Partnership Project

We are partnering with others to provide:
  • A safe place to live: creating 15-20 be-spoke studio flats furnished as ‘move on’ accommodation.
  • A shared space to thrive: creating a training and development hub to assist beneficiary residents move on. Through offering support with health, family relationships, social skills, budgeting, employability, housing, etc.
  • A sacred space to nurture faith: we want this to be an explicitly Christian project, that offers our beneficiaries spiritual support within a local church community while enabling volunteering/learning from the wider church.


Walbrook Epiphany PCC

Who will continue to own the building and will work in partnership with other organisations to ensure a long-term sustainable business model.

Green Pastures

Who have the necessary skills and experience to build and then manage the studio flats and offer one on one support to the residents.

Jacob's Well

Who will help form the new project called the Epiphany Project to coordinate the training and development programme.

St Thomas' Community

The host church community who will oversee the spiritual support through prayer, campaigns, and volunteering.